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About us


Founded in 2021, our Association is called Africa Stories, as we would like to help and introduce the wildlife of East and South Africa, and the work of the organizations and rangers working there through various interviews, roundtable discussions, online and offline lectures.


To become a unique Hungarian association and community
• to which those who wish to do something for the wildlife of Africa or learn more about it may turn,
• which can help those interested to choose from voluntary programs,
which organizes valuable cultural programs and lectures for charitable purposes,
• which can be a link and platform between young people working in science/research and African organizations,
• which raises donations for Kenyan and South African rangers (especially woman rangers) in order to eliminate any problems arising from the lack, poor quality or worn condition of equipment that would prevent them from, or obstruct them in, working.

Nézd meg Kenyáról szóló videónkat – elefántok, oroszlánok, grévy zebrák, geprádok, zsiráfok, zsiráfnyakú gazellák, bivalyok, dik dik antilopok, gazellák és még számtalan csoda.



The primary goal of our Association is to help conserve Kenya’s wildlife. At the same time, we also consider the education of Kenyan children important. We urge the support of children from whom the rangers and park wardens of the future can come. In this way, we help protect wildlife and educate children at the same time.

The Lorubae Primary School in Samburu is in the middle of nowhere in Kenya. Literally, in the middle of nowhere. It was built next to a traditional Samburu village whose inhabitants live of tourists and tourism. Their children also go to this school. Fortunately, the school has access to drinking water, so they have a sufficient amount for cooking, drinking and personal hygiene.
Here you can see three outstanding students from this primary school who need support. Selected from among the girl students of the school by Deputy Headteacher Mr. Isigi, they are determined to be rangers in the future.

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The I am a Ranger program is a fundraising program that raises donations for the equipment of Kenyan and South African rangers. Our Association buys boots, pants, belts, T-shirts and sweaters from the donations to the rangers of the mentioned areas. In Kenya, we want to help primarily the rangers in Samburu and Lewa, as well as Team Lioness, a special unit of women rangers.

Primarily, we want to equip women rangers so that we can support their work. It is particularly important in Africa for women to get a job and, if they are qualified, to stay in work. After all, educated women can be independent and not vulnerable to their husbands and parents. They are not expected to give birth to a child at a too young age and their daughters will also avoid such a fate.


Our Association supports the work of the Cheetah Experience organization in South Africa on several fronts. The breeding of cheetahs detained at the cheetah center is monitored so that the strongest bloodline can be returned to the wild.

Erika, one of the members of our Association, is herself a symbolically adoptive parent of a cheetah called Raphael. As a sponsor, Erika also contributes to the costs of Raphael’s monthly nutrition and medical examinations.

Get to know the work of the non-profit organization Cheetah Experience, be a cheetah supporter, get news, photos and videos about your sponsored cheetah from the South African cheetah shelter. Do good and make your days special thanks to a glamorous cheetah.

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We would like to contribute to enriching the spectrum of Hungarian cultural life with interesting and valuable online and offline lectures and book presentations. We consider it important for the Hungarian public to get to know – primarily – the Hungarian scientists, researchers, volunteers, writers, photographers and filmmakers who either live and work in the countries of Africa as a way of life or are constantly returning there for various projects.

Our upcoming series of online charity lectures is entitled “Among the Cheetahs – the Story of a Hungarian Caregiver” will be available soon.

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Tímea Hillender – President

As president of the Association, I oversee and bring together the projects represented by our organization. Closest to my heart are the situation of elephants in Kenya and the support for orphaned elephants. Within our Association, my main task is to develop and implement the “I Will Become a Ranger” and “I am a Ranger” programs, and to coordinate the collection of English language books for the “Books for a Better Future” program in Hungary. I like to give lectures at schools and other events, and I organize charity lectures and programs.

Melinda Meng – Vice President

As vice president of the Association, I am actively involved in supporting and communicating current projects. As I live in Switzerland, I gather sponsors for the “Books for a Better Future” English language book collecting project, as well as speakers for our offline lectures primarily in Switzerland. Dearest to my heart is the situation of African giraffes. I also help the work of our organization with my experiences collected during my travels to Africa.